Hey my new babes! today i start with posting and i talked with Ceasar and he said
that i could post some asia stuff and i thought maybe the most of you have never heard
some korean or japanese music do i decided to make a little introducing into the asia music scene 
with you all. Today i will start with the first introducing which comes from the most succesfully
korean girl group Girls Generation or how they say in korea So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD).
The band has one smash hit after another and i think it won't stop so soon. Now
i will introduce you some of their most famous singles...

Here i will show some videos of them to show you what korea has to show!

'Run Devil Run' a cover from Ke$ha awesome song and great video!

If u will hear the song u will think '007?? as a girl group xD
'Hoot' is their newest single and damn i love it!

this two are my favorite song sof them and i hope you like it!