O duo britânico composto por Alison Goldfrapp e Will Gregory, mais conhecidos por Goldfrapp, vão lançar um Best Of. Alison usou o blog para nos dizer que o contrato com a EMI está quase a acabar e que eles vão lançar um Best Of. Mais detalhes ela não pode revelar!! :)

British duo, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, mostly known as Goldfrapp, will release a Best Of. Alison used the blog to inform us about their situation and plans to release this Best Of:
hope your all well?! i want to reasure you (without divulging too much at this point). our time with EMI came to it's contractual end, Will and i will be doing a 'best of' album, we are very happy to do this and see it as a great thing for 'goldfrapp'. we are also very excited about the future of 'goldfrapp' and we're really looking forward to making our next album, i can't say anything further on the details of that right now, but all is fine and dandy! we cant wait to get stuck in, writing new material for the release of our next album.

love and catch up soon xx alison