Sai a 13 de Setembro (Reino Unido) e 14 (EUA). O 1º single, The Catalyst, sai a 2 de Agosto!

Out on September 13th (UK) and 14th (USA). The 1st single, The Catalyst, is out on August 2nd!

1. "The Requiem"
2. "The Radiance"
3. "Burning In the Skies"
4. "Empty Spaces"
5. "When They Come for Me"
6. "Robot Boy"
7. "Jornada Del Muerto"
8. "Waiting for the End"
9. "Blackout"
10. "Wretches and Kings"
11. "Wisdom, Justice, and Love"
12. "Iridescent"
13. "Fallout"
14. "The Catalyst" [1st Single]
15. "The Messenger"