E os rumores não param! Tem sido dito que Kelly Rowland quer ser um membro do painel de jurados do X-Factor! Dizem que ela própria disse que só basta o Simon Cowell lhe ligar que ela vai. É ainda adicionado que se ela for um membro do júri ela não sabe que tipo de júri seria. Bem... a meu ver até que ela poderia vir a ser um membro do júri do X-Factor USA em 2011... não era má ideia...

And the rumours keep going strong! It has been said thousands of times that Kelly Rowland wants to be a judge on the X-Factor! It is said that Kelly stated:
"Well, everybody keeps asking me about it. The X Factor is an amazing show and Simon knows that all he has to do is call me."
She also added that she doesn't know what kind of a judge she would be:
"I don’t know what kind of judge I’d be. All I’ll say is, one of the things I love and respect about Simon is he knows there is no room for error in this industry and no room for slacking."
I believe she would be a great choice for the judge pannel of the US version of the X-Factor next year!