De acordo com o jornal britânico, Mirror, James Morrison quer colaborar com Amy Winehouse. Morrison já tentou falar com Amy mas pouca impressão causou, pois parece que Amy estaria meio "tocada" na altura. James acha que Amy tem uma voz e talento incríveis. James não irá desistir de tentar colaborar com ela, e espera poder trabalhar com ela e escrever-lhe algumas canções.

According to the Mirror, James Morrison is hoping he can collaborate with Amy Winehouse. The singer-songwriter has already approached the 'Rehab' star, but failed to make an impression. "I went up to her at an awards show and said: 'I think you have an amazing talent and a fantastic voice'." He told the Mirror. "She was so spaced out at the time, she just looked through me. I don't think the conversation even registered, she just said thanks and carried on looking blank."
But James isn't giving up and hopes the two can collaborate, possibly on her new record. "I really want to work with her and write her some songs," he continued.

Fonte: AngryApe