Emei Shares New Single ‘Don't Know About The World’

Chinese/American alt pop singer/songwriter Emei shares her brand new single Don't Know About The World, a stunning and heartfelt love song. 
I am really enjoying the warmth of the song and how the production paired a killer bass with shimmering synths, creating a magical and emotional soundscape that enhances the emotion pouring from her gorgeous vocals. Don't Know About The World is a beautiful love song that captures the essence of being truly in love with someone, feeling safe and whole while with them. Apart from her dripping vocals and colourful lyricism, I am particularly fond of the gorgeous production that just makes the song and message stand out even more. Have a listen to this gem below!


Speaking about the song, 

Emei said it is a song about feeling safe and finding solace in that one person (or space or thing). I don’t often write about love, so finding a way to create a sappy authentic love song that still could live on this project was more difficult than you’d think. I wanted this single to be a bit of a left turn from my previous singles. I wanted the song to be a window into my emotional world.