Bronze Whale Share New Single ‘Where We’ve Gone’

Bronze Whale, the project of American artists Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, are back with their brand new single Where We've Gone, a captivating indietronica gem out now via Magic Magic. 
I am really enjoying the smooth, evocative vocals which infuse the song with a touch of emotion and melancholia that is carried by the infectious electronic production. The overall atmosphere of the song is uplifting and anthemic, with lively piano keys being seamlessly paired with a killer beat and expansive synths, culminating in a higly infectious chorus. There's also some laid-back vibes coming off of this song that I feel makes it perfect for a chilled out weekend. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Bronze Whale said, 
The instrumental of this song started as a remix for a friend of ours. We were always in love with the production but didn't have the right words for it. Years later, while going through some loss in my family, I remembered this song and finally had something to say. It fit together like it was always meant to be and Where We've Gone was born. Where We've Gone is uplifting, anthemic, and I think, incredibly relatable.