Sannia Shares New Single ‘Trigger’

Australian singer and songwriter Sannia has just shared her brand new single Trigger, a captivating alt-pop song about a sudden breakup. 
Co-produced with The Temper Trap's Toby Dundas, Trigger is a song about the pain following a sudden breakup, about finally letting your guard down, feeling that you were in a safe place to suddenly have the floor coming out from under you. It shows the shock of having your heart broken out of the blue and trying to put the pieces back together. This message is beautifully delivered through Sannia's expressive, strong vocals which are backed by a captivating production that pairs soaring guitars, punchy drum beats and a highly infectious chorus. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Sannia said, 
I wrote Trigger after quite a sudden break up, I thought I was in a safe place finally and let my guard down and the floor came out from under me. You’ll hear samples of gun loading, safety switching, the trigger, because I wanted it to feel as cold and mechanical as a weapon would. I wanted to get the feeling of ‘suddenness’ and shock the way that a gunshot cuts through sound because that’s what this felt like. The returning cycle of the chorus is a manifestation of the fact I couldn’t let go, I kept coming back to that impact (trigger), trying to put the pieces back together.