Daniel Trakell Shares New Single ‘Into the Blue’

Australian indie/folk-rock artist Daniel Trakell shares his brand new single Into The Blue, the title track of his upcoming album set to arrive later this year via Dumont Dumont. 
Following on from Folk Song #2 earlier this year, Trakell continues to take listeners on a journey marked by soulful and melodic notes. I am a fan of his gorgeous voice and how his delivery is packed with raw, honest emotion, effortlessly connecting me to his relatable storytelling. A song about escapism, Into The Blue invites listeners to jump in and leave everything behind for its 4:40 minute run time. I am loving the song's warmth and intimate atmosphere which is enhanced by the intricate acoustic guitars, steady drums, mellotron strings and bass. Such a dreamy and enthralling listening experience that is accompanied by a beautifully captured performance clip, directed by Mike Ridley. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Daniel Trakell said, 
Lyrically ‘Into The Blue’ is about escaping and leaving everything behind. The phrase means to disappear into the unknown, vanish or leave without a trace. I had the song for a while, but didn’t quite know how to finish the lyrics. After re-watching the film Into The Wild (based on the story of Chris McCandless who disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness), the lyrics started to come together in a kind of re-telling of that story which resonates so much with me as it’s a topic I think about a lot. It’s also, I think, quite a hopeful song about taking some kind of risk or leap of faith in life and trusting that things will work out.