Coby Sultan Shares New Single ‘The Moon Song’

American Folk/rock singer/songwriter Coby Sultan shares his heartfelt new single The Moon Song, the latest single to be taken from his upcoming EP Memories from your Polaroids. 
The Moon Song is a relatable song about fearing you're not good enough for someone and how even if you are no longer with that person, the love you had can never fully go away. This message is beautifully delivered through Coby Sultan's expressive vocals which are packed with raw emotion, gliding beautifully over the memorable production. Apart from his vocals, I am particularly fond of the lush piano chords seamlessly paired with steady drum patterns and intricate guitar riffs that ebb and flow with energy to match the emotion of his storytelling. The Moon Song is a heartfelt gem perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!



Coby says on the track,
After enduring a number of life changing events, including taking a step away from professional soccer, breaking up with my first girlfriend, and graduating college, I moved to a farm in Portugal for several months, where I started writing music again. The Moon Song is one of several in a project titled 'Memories from your Polaroids,' a piercingly honest, and nostalgic EP that tells the story of this difficult period of my life through the lens of my ex-girlfriend's polaroid camera. I wrote The Moon Song in June of 2022 a few months after moving back to the US. I had been holding on to a really beautiful chord progression for several months, feeling like I had nothing left to say anymore about my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, Margo.
Around May of that same year, I got an unexpected call from her. Time spent reminiscing over past memories and old polaroid photos re-inspired me to write another song for the project. Hearing her voice after such a long time brought up old feelings that made me realize how deeply I cared for this person still. Margo and I used to have this inside joke that she was constantly going through different phases. She would be really into one thing for a brief period, and then suddenly wake up feeling completely different about it. This was incredibly challenging for me, and I always wondered if I was just another phase she was parading through. During our relationship I would constantly make grand gestures, almost as if to prove my worth to her and myself. When this was not reciprocated I began to think that she didn’t feel the same about me. The Moon Song touches on a number of important things. To begin with, the song reflects on the internal fear of not being good enough, and the way the constant push and pull within our relationship exacerbated those deeply rooted emotions. It also touches on the idea that love for someone can never fully go away.