Honey and Blue Share New Single ‘All In My Head’

Los Angeles-based alt-pop duo Honey And Blue, consisting of Adam Darling and Stephanie Amber, share their brand new single All In My Head, a soul-infused piece of music. 
I am really enjoying their vocals, especially the way Adam's smooth, soulful tone contrasts with Stephanie's rich, passionate delivery, both packed with emotion and heart and soaring effortlessly over the captivating production. Trading off verse-by-verse, the two reconstruct the desperate love story in all its luscious tension and passion, a message backed by lush guitars and drum patterns that enhance the song's warmth and sensual vibes. 
In its official music video, directed by Stephanie Amber and Joanna Allen, Honey and Blue take a new spin on epic and fateful love stories bringing us back to high-school days to express the playfulness and optimism that might have informed the cross-country lovers' passion. The bubbly video tracks a High School Musical-esque narrative and oozes with '90s nostalgia.