Joe Brooks Shares New Single ‘Memory Foam’

English singer/songwriter Joe Brooks shares his brand new single Memory Foam, a heartfelt acoustic folk gem. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how it sounds both vulnerable and powerful at the same time, effortlessly conveying the emotion of his storytelling. Memory Foam is a song about instinctively knowing the love you had with someone is still buried deep inside them, despite what hurtful things might have been said. I am particularly fond of the part of the song where he pleads "please just let me know" as it flawlessly makes us feel the emotion pouring from his vocal delivery. Accompanying this emotional journey, we have a captivating production that starts quite smooth and soothing with intricate acoustic guitar riffs before being joined by punchy drums and soaring guitars to match the energy and emotion. This is quite a ride and I think you will enjoy it too. Check it out below!


Joe says on the track,

‘Memory Foam is knowing that deep down the love you had and bond created with someone who was once your world, is still somewhere inside them and no matter what hurtful things were said or mistakes made, instinctively, you know it was buried and not forgotten.