Jonathan Sparks Shares New Single ‘No Change for Beggars’

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Jonathan Sparks has just shared his brand new single No Change For Beggars, a soulful, blues-rock ballad out now via Unfiltered Records. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his voice which has a cool raspy touch that effortlessly enhances the soul and emotion of his storytelling. No Change For Beggars is a song about the reality of true commitment after the shine starts to fade on a once exhilarating love. This relatable storytelling is wrapped around a lively production that features intricate guitar riffs throughout the song which are seamlessly intertwined with lush keys, steady drum patterns and a catchy saxophone that makes the song stand out even more. I am particularly fond of the soaring electric guitar solo and how the song is packed with soul and raw emotion. Check it out below!