sunsetto Shares New Single ‘on the side’ ft. Calabasas

Toronto-based singer, songwriter and producer sunsetto has jus shared his brand new single on the side, a collaboration with Los Angeles-based production duo Calabasas. 
 I am really enjoying the vocals and how expressive they sound, instantly connecting the listeners to his storytelling and melodic sonic flow. I am also very fond of the blend of R&B and electronic elements that make the song stand out from others, beautifully enhancing the emotion pouring from those lush vocals. I am particularly fond of the lush, expansive synths, killer beat and overall warm, feel-good vibes. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, sunsetto said, 
’on the side’ is meant to be a fun one. ‘If you find somebody new, keep me on the side” is something you never hear. I was thinking about love and possession, the metaphor about picking flowers, and popular sayings like ‘cuffing or claiming.’ I don’t know if the lyric is how I really feel, or how anyone really feels, but it’s fun and light. Like the way things feel at the start of a relationship.