Timebelle Share New Single ‘One in a Million’

Swiss band Timebelle are back with their brand new single One in a Million, a lovely pop ballad out now via Dopamina Entertainment. 
I am a fan of Miruna Mănescu's powerful, passionate vocal delivery which is packed with so much emotion, instantly drawing our attention to their relatable storytelling. One in a Million is a song about realising we are unique but feeling the pressure of society's charm and manipulative ways to sacrifice our authenticity in order to be like everyone else. It shows that sometimes the desire to belong is stronger than the power to embrace our individuality, however different that might be. This message is beautifully conveyed through Miruna's lush vocals which are wrapped around a polished production that features emotive piano chords seamlessly intertwined with a catchy beat and cinematic strings that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!