Alex Alexion Shares New Single ‘Sit With Us’

American singer and songwriter Alex Alexion has just shared her brand new single Sit With Us, a heartfelt piano-based song. 
Written as a way of conveying her struggles with being misgendered (often mistaken from a male), Sit With Us shines a light on people trying to put us in a box. With this song Alex tries to bring awareness that femininity can come in all sorts of shapes and one shouldn't allow others to definite who we are. This song is beautifully wrapped around a piano-based melody that creates an overall warmm and intimate atmosphere perfect for Alex's passionate and expressive vocal delivery to soar. A great song with honest storytelling perfect for a chill day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Alex Alexion said, 
I wrote this song as a way of conveying my struggle with being misgendered (often mistaken for a male). Or simply people staring at me trying to figure out which "box" I fit in. I have dealt with that since early childhood. The message I'm trying to put out there is that femininity can come in all sorts of shapes, and just because I don't wear make up and dresses doesn't mean I'm not a woman and I don't identify as such. Being in the lgbtq+ community these lines get blurred, but our stories belong to us and are not decided by anyone else. The bigger message is not only accepting differences but celebrating them ..i.e. "sit with us". I feel like the name is appropriate and relatable for the time.