Gavriel & Yosef David Share New Single ‘I Am Awake’

New York Native singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gavriel, born Phillip Reichmann, has just shared his brand new single I Am Awake, gorgeous collaboration with singer, songwriter and producer Yosef David. 
Out now via Two Keys Records, I Am Awake is a mesmerising piece of music that beautifully blends Gavriel's indie acoustic pop and Yosef David's chill folk pop feel. Both Gavriel and Yosef have stunning vocals which are packed with so much raw emotion, making it impossible not to feel each and every single word they are singing. Apart from their gorgeous vocals, I am very fond of the intricate acoustic guitar melodies - which are nicely paired with a subtle beat - that effortlessly create a warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!