Lucky Coin Share New Single ‘Far Away’

American electro-pop duo Lucky Coin, consisting of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Rapp and electronic music producer TJ, have just shared their brand new single Far Away, a catchy electro-pop song. 
I am loving the groovy bass line and how it instantly makes the song quite memorable. I am really enjoying how Matthew Rapp's distinctive tone and dynamic vocal delivery beautifully conveys the emotion of their storytelling. Far Away is a song about how addiction can control one's thoughts and actions and shows how hard it can be to overcome it. I'm very fond of the bright synths that are nicely paired with a memorable beat, groovy guitar riffs and infectious hook that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for radios or long drives out in the sun. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lucky Coin said,
We all are prone to some sort of an addiction. This song was written, in a fun, light-hearted manner, about how that addiction can control your thoughts, actions, – just anything pertaining to your life, but also how hard it can be to overcome that addiction. Lucky Coin prioritizes, through their song-writing, relatability and vulnerability for their fans.