Flora Cash Share New Single ‘A good childhood’

Swedish/American duo Flora Cash have just shared their brand new single A good childhood, the latest single to be taken from their upcoming album, our generation, set to arrive on October 22nd via Flower Money Records. 
I am really enjoying Cole Randall's smooth vocals and how the subtle raspy touch enhances the emotion pouring from his vocal delivery. A good childhood finds Flora Cash reflecting upon their own childhoods where they revisit and accept what was, and how it’s shaped them now they’ve grown up. This relatable and nostalgic piece of music is wrapped around a warm production with intricate guitar riffs and punchy drum patterns. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Flora Cash said,

Reflecting on a childhood that (luckily) wasn't a total disaster but wasn't great either. Being nostalgic for something that never existed but ultimately embracing what it actually was.