AKA AKA Share New Single ‘Shell’

Germany-based duo AKA AKA have just shared their brand new single Shell, a bright, shimmering piece of House music that oozes sunset parties. 
I am really enjoying the smooth, ethereal-like vocals which instantly infuse a touch of emotion to the song while also enhancing its hypnotic atmosphere. The whole production is packed with lush soundscapes, infectious percussion and hazy, shimmering synths that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for those chill sunset parties with friends. A great song also for a long evening drive and to get you in a good, relaxed mood. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, AKA AKA said,
To us music is a place to find shelter, like a shell which we can put around us and protect us from the outside world. With "Shell" we wanted to create a comfy shelter for the listener. Lush soundscapes, smooth vocal cuts, a warm bassline and a retro vibe are the foundation of this headphones on/world off chill-out track.