Courtney Paige Nelson Shares New Single ‘Senses’

San Francisco-born, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson has just shared her brand new single Senses, taken from her forthcoming EP Fever Dream. 

I am really enjoying her warm, rich vocals and how they instantly drew my attention to her relatable storytelling. Senses is a song about how they get triggered following loss and how memories and feeling can rush back because of something you smellled, saw, listened or touched. This relatable song is wrapped around a memorable pop production with cool electronics and infectious percussion that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a laid-back and introspective day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Courtney Paige Nelson said,

I wrote this about the senses and how they get triggered when you leave someone or experience a tough loss. So, each section contains something about sight, taste, touch, sound. Everything you feel during loss and how it can trigger emotions or even physical feelings. The smell of someone cologne/perfume making the hair on your neck stand up. Or a rush of a memory coming back because you smelled something that is attached to a memory of them. The sound of a song you listened to on a drive with them in the car and the rush of emotions that envelope you. Hearing someone’s name that is the same name as your ex or the person you lost, and how it makes all your feelings come rushing back. All our senses have memories attached to them, which is why I wrote this song.