Kristian Martti Shares New Single ‘Keep Moving On’

Swedish EDM Pop artist Kristian Martti has just shared his brand new single Keep Moving On, an empowering piece of EDM out now via Flick Records.
I am really enjoying his rich, deep vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the upbeat electronic production. Keep Moving On is a song that shares a message of hope and urges the listeners to follow their dreams and never give up. I am particularly fond of the cool piano chords and punchy percussion that enhance the song's energy and create quite an anthemic atmosphere. Have a listen to this feel-good piece of EDM below!


Speaking about the song, Kristian said,

It is about an artist who is struggling to achieve his dreams and that you should not give up. Writing music and releasing it for others to hear has always been my dream. That I now have the opportunity to do so is absolutely fantastic.  Probably a factor as to why a lot of the lyrics I write is about following your dreams and not giving up. To experience your dreams coming true is worth all the hard work. The more I see that others want to hear my music, and I have really experienced that in 2020, the more inspired I get to write and release more songs. So you can expect a lot more from me in the future!