New Wolves Unveil New Single ‘Influencer’

Welsh indie-electronic act New Wolves have just unveiled their brand new single Influencer, a gorgeous piece of dream-pop infused indie-electronic music, out now via Echoism Records.

I am loving those smooth, dreamy vocals and how they soar effortlesslly over the infectious production. I am particularly fond of the warm acoustic guitars and how they are beautifully intertwined with light, floating melodic vocals with hard, broken synth lines, 80s pulsing bass and modern beats, resulting in the distinct sound of New Wolves that I've grown to love.

Influencer is absolutely a memorable listening experience with an infectious groove that got me hooked to it right after the very first listen. To accompany the release, New Wolves shared its official music video directed by Amier Firdaus.

For the video Amier uses vintage imagery to give it a distinct look and is very inventive when it comes to animating. The images of early 20th-century influencers like for example showgirls and politicians, interact with the lyrics and the surreal central figure of the bird/man who carries you through the clip. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, New Wolves said,

The song is about the INFLUENCER as a divine super-being who entertains and amuses us, but at the same time tries to influence our thoughts and actions, according to his view of things.