Wallace Tallman Shares New Single ‘The Right Side of History’

American singer and songwriter Wallace Tallman has just shared his brand new single The Right Side of History, taken from his upcoming double single Repa(i)r(TheN)ation, out on October 2nd. 
I am really enjoying Wallace's gorgeous, emotive vocals and how they soar beautifully over the folk-infused, indie-pop production. I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar melodies, cool horns and drums that create quite a memorable, warm atmosphere. 
All income made from Repa(i)r(TheN)ation double single will go back to the black musicians who played on it, funding further collaborations with black artists, and to black social art organizations. Check it out below!
Speaking about the song, Wallace said,
Music is one too many places where racism has taken away Black wealth, and art needs to be a service in restoring that.