Mike Edel Shares New Single ‘Giving Up On Giving In’

Canadian singer and songwriter Mike Edel has just shared his brand new single Giving Up On Giving In, a captivating piece of indie-pop/folk music.

A collaboration with Cumulus (Alex Niedzialkowski), Giving Up On Giving In instantly makes me think of those late summer days and the nostalgia of those fun days by the beach. The song catalogues a constant blur of unforgiving repetition and is wrapped around a smooth indie-pop production packed with lush guitar melodies and cool percussion.

I am loving Mike's warm, smooth vocals and how the harmonies with Cumulus in the chorus give the song an infectious dreamy vibe. This is one of those songs perfect for the end of a long week and I think you guys will enjoy it too. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Mike Edel said,

Alex and I met through Chris Walla who released 2 Cumulus records on Trans, and who produced my last record. We wrote 'Giving Up On Giving In' about our individual and collective mistakes the day after every Christmas party of 2019. We wrote about the resolve to push past the mental thresholds of waking up in the morning and making music and doing this thing. The song has also gotten a lot more relevant to me through the pandemic.