JADN Share New Single ‘All For Nothing’

New York-based band JADN, consisting of Frontman David Vogel, guitarist Jeremy Vogel, bassist Aaron Bishop, guitarist Nick Gamble, and drummer Matt Kalapuch, have just shared their brand new single All For Nothing, their first track of 2020. 
All For Nothing is a relatable, introspective electro-pop song about questioning one's reality and is wrapped around an anthemic production that is quite captivating. I am really enjoy how JADN combine The 1975's atmospheric pop sound with 80s synth styling which beautifully back David Vogel's passionate vocal delivery. Loving the song's energy and how it is perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!
Speaking about the song, JADN said,
All For Nothing is an honest journal entry. A coming of age. Full of melancholy and the questioning of one’s reality. Knowing that beauty is out there, yet struggling to find it for yourself. All of this paired with a beat that will make you wonder why you’re crying in the club.