Tendavillage Share New Single ‘Maybe It’s You, Not Me’
Canadian based musical group Tendavillage have just shared their brand new single Maybe It's You, Not Me, a chill piece of neo-soul music about reflecting on a past relationship, realising that the ex was really the one with the issues, not them.

I am loving lead singer/songwriter and producer Kate Melvina's soulful vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the laid-back production which evokes a neo-soul vibe with its rhodes piano and a wah-guitar sound that harkens back to 70's RNB. This is such a great song for a relaxing weekend at home or by the beach and you can check it out below!

Speaking about the song the band said,
The song was inspired by what so many other songs out there are inspired by: a breakup! It's a message for everyone that just because your ex decided they didn't like certain things about you - the clothes you wear, the way you talk, your career path, or anything of that nature - it doesn't mean you have to change those things. Maybe those things about you are awesome and you were just with the wrong person. And if you were with someone who criticized you that much… maybe they were the one with issues, not you!