PLS&TY Unveils ‘Run Wild/Feeling Forever’ EP

PLS&TY Unveils ‘Run Wild/Feeling Forever’ EP
Miami-based artist PLS&TY, the moniker of DJ and Producer Tommy Leas, is giving us holidays vibes with the release of his 2-track EP, Run Wild/Feeling Forever, the follow up to his beautiful single Motives, released earlier this year.

With this release PLS&TY showcases his beautiful producing skills, transporting the listener to exotic holiday lands with these gems. Run Wild is a fairly known song of his at it was released in 2017 and won fans over with its syncopated, emotive vocals and strangely complimentary future bass drop. But it's Feeling Forever that won me over!

Feeling Forever has a feel-good atmosphere that is packed with organic instrumentals and heavenly basslines which just puts a smile on my face and with an urge to get on a plane and travel. It's definitely a summery song and I think you guys will like it. Check it out below!

Speaking about the EP PLS&TY said,
'Run Wild' & 'Feeling Forever' are both songs inspired by travel, with each evoking visions of somewhere entirely foreign. I am very excited to show you some of my favorite productions to date, which challenged and elevated my craft by way of entirely unconventional sounds. In fact, Feeling Forever actually contains an iPhone recording of a street performer in India playing his sitar, which the track was built around. I hope you enjoy it!
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