Naah Unveils New Single ‘Wake Up’ ft. C. Gold

Naah Unveils New Single ‘Wake Up’ ft. C. Gold
Swedish singer-songwriter Naah has teamed up with fellow Swedish Producer/Songwriter C. Gold to deliver their infectious new single Wake Up, taken from their upcoming collaborative 7-track EP Hi Earth.

Naah's smooth vocals are complimented by the upbeat production and give the song a warm touch. I am really enjoying how they deliver an infectious song that perfectly combines the best elements of old disco with nowadays electronic music and the results is a killer summer anthem! Listening to this song I instantly get a smile on my face and just want to go to the beach and relax all day. To accompany the release, Naah has shared a cool music video which was directed by Felix Moström and you can watch it below!

Speaking about the song Naah said,
Imagine if modern dance-music and old-fashion disco got a child together, ‘Wake Up’ sounds like that child!
’Wake Up’ was written a day in our studio together with David Kjellstrand. If you listen closely you can hear all our voices in the track. I like that David and C. Gold’s voices are a part of the sound-landscape, I think that makes the beat quite unique. Creating electronic music is lots of fun when you make the sounds from scratch, it often turns out to be something you haven’t heard before. 
Speaking about the video she added,
The music-video is inspired from that and acapella-videos on YouTube. It might sound weird, but those videos show how you build a song with just your vocals and that’s something we sort of did while creating the sound for ‘Wake Up’ even though the outcome is really different.