Callum Pitt Unveils New Single ‘Here If You Need’

Callum Pitt Unveils New Single ‘Here If You Need’
Newcastle-based folk-pop artist Callum Pitt is back with his brand new single Here If You Need, t he second from his upcoming debut EP, Poisoned Reveries, out today, May 10th, via Newcastle-based independent label Kaleidoscope, coinciding with his appearance at The Great Escape 2019.

I became a fan of his after listening to last year's Away From The Rousing Parades, and this new single carries on that lush Folk-tinged indie pop sound. Here If You Need is a beautiful piano-based song that tackles the mental health issue of depression, discussing the difficulties of dealing with mental health struggles in a culture where we are actively discourage from public displays of fragility.

I'm loving those piano keys and how the song grows with those lush strings, lovely guitar riffs and haunting harmonies. The chorus is perfect to sing along to and there's somewhat of a magical and upbeat atmosphere in the song that makes it perfect for the festival season to come. If you're into Folk-tinged indie-pop music with meaningful lyrics and an infectious hook, then you'll love Here If You Need. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Callum said,
'Here If You Need' is an open letter to a friend struggling with depression, encouraging conversation and underlining the fact that they aren't facing it alone. I've seen depression be debilitating to friends and leading them to feel isolated, feeling like they can't talk to anybody about it. Our 'toughen up' culture can be very damaging in this regard, and sometimes people may need reminding that the people around them are there to talk and help. I hope the song can bring some comfort to people in a similar position.
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