Lyrah Unveils New Single ‘When We’re High’

Lyrah Unveils New Single ‘When We’re High’
San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Lyrah is back with her brand new single When We're High, a song about falling for someone but being too guarded to show it. This awesome track is taken from her new EP Chemicals, out now.

I am a big fan of her vocals and they soar effortlessly over the infectious electronic production packed with awesome synths and a groovy beat. I am really enjoying the dark and haunting vibe of this song and the chorus is highly addictive and got me singing along to it in no time.

Lyrah delivers another exciting piece of electro-pop music with a dark, haunting atmosphere and an infectious pop hook. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Lyrah said,
"When We're High" is about falling for someone but being too guarded to show it. You force what's "normal" but when you're both high, you can finally show how you feel. This song has a childish and almost whimsical feel to it. My mental visual when I started this was snow white with a joint hanging out of her mouth. I want this song to let you live in this mental space where you can be completely uninhibited like a little kid, even if just for the moments when you're high.

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