Estinex Releases New Track ‘See You’

Estinex Releases New Track ‘See You’
Swedish DJ and Producer Estinex has just unveiled his brand new single See You, out on Norweigan record label Magnified Recordings.

This is a highly energetic piece of Progressive House music that will get you dancing in no time. Loving that percussion which immediately gets the blood pumping, being perfect for your workout playlists. Estinex perfectly blends melodic elements with house beats and the finished product is an euphoric piece of Dance music that you can check out below!

Speaking about the track Estinex said,
The initial idea came while messing around on an analog synth in a music shop. I didn't know all the buttons so I made a "happy mistake" which I ended up recording on my phone and bringing home to the studio. Two weeks later, the song was finished.
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