Dantevilles Share New Single “Bloomin Flowers”

Manchester-based alternative rock band Dantevilles have just shared their brand new single Bloomin’ Flowers, a high-energy song about how we understand love and relationships, and how time and culture has changed. I am loving the energy of this song, packed with killer guitar riffs.

Once again produced by Courteeners bassist Joseph Cross, Bloomin’ Flowers is an insatiable blast of indie-rock n roll, galloping from your speakers with all the style and crowd-pleasing energy of Kasabian at their stadium-filling best. Written during a late night writing session, it was shelved for some time before Alexis’ drum patterns unlocked the possibilities within the song. Stream this gem below!

Live Dates:

March 15 - EBGBS, Liverpool
March 21 – Lending Room, Leeds
May 25 – Your City Festival 2019, Stoke

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