PHIA Z Drops New Single ‘do u know how to have feelings?’

PHIA Z Drops New Single ‘do you know how to have feelings?’
California-based singer/songwriter, PHIA Z, has just unveiled her brand new single do u know how to have feelings?, a laidback piece of alternative pop music. This song addresses her frustrations with a lot of people she came into contact while living in Los Angeles. I am really enjoying her effortless vocal delivery that gives me a IDGAF attitude. The melodies are quite addictive and perfectly back up her vocals that captivate the listener from start to finish. There's also somewhat of a dark pop vibe in the song that really kept me playing it several times. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song PHIA said,
I wrote this song after spending three years observing many people in LA in all sorts of social settings and coming to the conclusion that a lot of them are similar to robots. Sometimes it feels as though there are humans running around that act like they're mannequins as they don't even seem to have any emotions. I found myself always asking the question, "do you know how to have feelings?" So, I decided to write a song about it :)
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