BAER Unveils ‘Needy Bih’ Music Video

BAER Unveils ‘Needy Bih’ Music Video
Los Angeles based multi-cultural Pop artist BAER kicks off her new year with a stunning piece of electropop music titled Needy Bih. I am a big fan of her distinctive, dreamy vocals and they sound great here and the flourishes around them actually give the track a cool vibe. As the title implies, Needy Bih is an anthem for all the needy people out there tha will always need more. Really enjoying the energy of the song and its infectious atmosphere.

To accompany the release, BAER unveiled a cool video with pink everywhere and you can watch it below!

Speaking about the song BAER said,
This is the next anthem for all the princesses around the world. Even when we already have it all, trust that we will always need MORE!
I created this song when I was alone in LA for Christmas; my boyfriend had just left for the east coast, and it was an oddly dreary morning, so I opened up Ableton and made a really simple beat out of some drum samples and Splice loops. I actually had just promised my boyfriend that this year I would not harass him continuously on the phone while he was with family, so instead of texting him, I wrote this song to the beat I made and sent it to him (while still harassing him on the phone to check his email and listen to my song, x100).
I ended up having my friends James (NVR YOU) and Zack (zuric) touch up the production and polishing it up so the energy of the song really comes through. We left my tag “Made In Taiwan” in there, amongst other original elements I really loved.
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