Chris Camp Drops New Single ‘Only You’

Chris Camp Drops New Single ‘Only You’
Time to dance! American DJ and Producer Chris Camp has just unveiled his latest single Only You and it is a beauty. I am a sucker for piano keys in dance music and as soon as I heard the intro I was sold. Those warm, smooth vocals soar over the electronic production that is packed with groovy guitar plucks and percussion.

The feel-good energy of the song will get you dancing in no time and Chris perfectly showcases his producing skills with Only You, by creating an infectious piece of EDM with a summery vibe that will keep you warm till the summer arrives. Stream it below!

Since I got you dancing now, there's also another song of his that I think you guys will love. It's called Somebody To Love and it is an anthemic piece of Future House with soaring vocals, great synths and emotive piano keys that highlight the emotion of the lyrics. Check it out below!

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