Michael Jablonka releases new alt-rock smash ‘Papier-mâché’

Michael Jablonka releases new alt-rock smash ‘Papier-mâché’
London-based singer-songwriter Michael Jablonka has just released his brand new single Papier-mâché, a highly infectious piece of alt-rock music out now on Lost In The Manor Records. There's also a cool blues-infused rock vibe that makes this song instantly catchy. The highlight of the track is the astonishing guitar solo, during which the musician seemingly takes on the role of a high-velocity one-man philharmonic, that the subsequent breakdown serves as an essential space for the listener to get their breath back, especially considering the energy compacted into the previous two and a half minutes of song.

Speaking about the song Michael explains,
Sometimes unconsciously an idea might snowball into an emotion that you’re afraid to confront. And ‘Papier-mâché’ for me is that structural object you can’t quite figure out, it’s fragile and easily falls apart if not taken care of.
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