Kane Miller Unveils New Single ‘Coral Reef and Morning Dew’

Kane Miller Unveils New Single ‘Coral Reef and Morning Dew’
Canadian singer-songwriter Kane Miller is back with a beautiful new single called Coral Reef and Morning Dew, out now on LV Music.

I am loving the acoustic guitar-based melody, backed by a dreamy violin, and how his soulful, vulnerable vocals intertwine with his instruments to create infectious melodies that are sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener. One of the things I love the most about this song is the melancholic atmosphere and how he gets you to feel each word he sings. It's a magical piece of melancholia-infused Folk music which you can stream below!

Speaking about the song Kane said,
This song came out of a trip to Nashville, a rainy afternoon, a heartbreak and playing with guitars, a violin and synths. It's about chasing after something that is already gone.
If you are a fan of acts such as Damien Rice, Iron & Wine and Josh Ritter, you will love Kane's music.
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