Christmas On The Moon - Nico Cartosio

Nico Cartosio has maintained a growing public profile for only a short amount of time so far, but his success with pieces like “Snow Above The Earth (Requiem For The Tunes Unplayed)” and “Cocaine March”, coupled with the recognition he’s received as a forceful YouTube presence with massive reach, gives his latest release titled “Christmas On The Moon” an instant cachet.

Cartosio is clearly hitting some sort of early career peak as he delivers a command, yet approachable performance that syncs up very nicely with the extremely original music video, capturing a young girl and her teddy bear going through all sorts of obstacles, in a mafia infused settings.

The sound of the track is vibrant, breathing, and never hesitant to present a smooth and poetic attitude for the listener. It’s never strident or ham fisted, however, and you can hear the real weight of the song thundering from behind the subtle violin and piano lines.

Cartosio possesses the needed finesse to make this composition more memorable and lasting than just another over the top classical release.

These factors alone set “Christmas On The Moon” and Nico Cartosio apart from the pack, and there’s more here for any listener willing to give it a chance to this astonishing Holiday content.

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