Bjorn Rydhog Drops New Single "Heaven"

Bjorn Rydhog Drops New Single "Heaven"
Swedish singer/songwriter Bjorn Rydhog is back with his brand new single Heaven, his first new song to come after his debut EP, There's a light in everything. This is quite an addictive piece of chill pop music. I am a sucker for acoustic guitar-based melodies and this one is right up my alley.

His smooth vocals flow perfectly over the chillout melodies which give the track quite an introspective touch. Bjorn is a great storyteller and you can see that here as his lyrics really catch the attention of the listener till the very end. It's like a modern day lullaby with a summery atmosphere. Heaven is one of those songs perfect for a relaxing weekend at home. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Bjorn said,
Heaven was the first song that came to me after five years of writer's block. Subsequently, a lot of songs were created including my first EP "There's a light in everything". I hope you'll enjoy it.

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