Tiggi Hawke Unveils New Single ‘Alibi’

Tiggi Hawke Unveils New Single ‘Alibi’
London-based, alt-pop singer-songwriter Tiggi Hawke has just unveiled her brand new single Alibi. I am really enjoying this smooth piece of electro-pop music packed with infectious beats and melodies on which her vocals soar bright. Another thing I liked was the video that perfectly captivates the viewer's attention and tells the story of an on and off relationship. Watch it below!

Speaking about this smooth song Tiggi said,
I was so lucky to write Alibi with a group of incredibly talented writers and producers when we were all together on a writing camp so it draws inspiration from a lot of places. It really is a mix up of all the amazing musicians who were in the room! For me, Alibi is about an on and off relationship where you both know how the other feels but you're both still slightly in denial.

Whenever you make that leap over that "friend boundary" you feel like you have to have an excuse and an alibi for why it happened, rather than admitting your feelings. It’s a situation I can personally relate very strongly to, and one I’ve also seen a lot of my friends find themselves in whichever way it ended going.
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