L Devine Unveils Short Film For ‘Peer Pressure’ Mixtape

L Devine Unveils Short Film For ‘Peer Pressure’ Mixtape
Newcastle-based pop artist L Devine has just unveiled her sophomore 6-track mixtape, Peer Pressure and to accompany the release she released a short film, directed by Emil Nava, which features songs from the mixtape. The video serves as L Devine's commentary on the thoughts and bs that comes from going through adolescence where teens try to figure out how to be themselves but at the same time try to fit in with everyone else. She shares the message that it is ok to feel like an outsider.

This is quite a captivating short film and highlights the mixtape's songs. I really like the aesthetic of the video and her narrative parts make it sound like a documentary. Watch it below!

Speaking about the video L Devine said,
The ‘Peer Pressure’ film picks up where ‘Growing Pains’ ended. I’ve left the comfort of my hometown Whitley Bay and my friends and family and I’m now trying to find my place in the world as an adult. The film shows me roaming the streets of a lonely Hollywood, fantasising about killing my peers and feeling like an alien outcast from another planet, dressed up in an astronaut suit. These themes symbolise my feelings and experiences navigating through existential crises, toxic relationships and anxiety whilst still being a young person who goes to parties, and has fun, makes music and falls in love.

L Devine is shaping up to be Britain’s next breakthrough star by delivering infectious and melodic futuristic pop music full of attitude, edge and real experiences. Stream the mixtape below!

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