Keeskea Unveils New Single "Forfeit"
Hey guys! I've got a masterpiece of melancholic folk music for you! Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Keeskea, the moniker of Vanessa Marousopoulos, has just unveiled the stunning visuals for her breathtaking single Forfeit, a highly personal and candid reflection from a dark emotional state.

I am absolutely in love with this song! The delicate piano keys instantly give the song a dose of melancholia (which I adore) and her smooth, heavenly vocals bring a vulnerable touch that wraps the listener in a cocoon of emotions.

This stunning song is accompanied by reflective visuals set in a nostalgic environment that, to me, is incredibly captivating. Watch it below!

Keeskea produced the song by herself, weaving organic and electronic elements together with a delicate finesse. Speaking about the song she said,
[Forfeit] is really emotional, I don’t believe I was thinking about it musically at all but just expressing how I was feeling at that current time – which was… not great (to say the least). I actually often thought about changing the lyrical content between then and now. I feared it might be too heavy. But every time I almost changed it, I decided to leave it because I didn’t want to hide those very real and intense emotions just because they were scary. If I changed them I feel like I might have cheated myself and anyone else who has been in that headspace. I don’t think it should be censored.