PIERCE Unveils New Single "Tyrant" ft. MAGMAG & OMNI

PIERCE Unveils New Single "Tyrant" ft. MAGMAG & OMNI
Arizona-based producer PIERCE, the moniker of Austin Pierce Guerra, has just unveiled a super groovy and infectious new single Tyrant featuring MAGMAG and OMNI. There's so much attitude and killer synths that instantly got me hooked to the song. If you're into Dubstep and Trap you're in for a treat!

PIERCE sets the scene for Tyrant with an Uber ride gone weird as his Uber driver unsuccessfully tries to make smalltalk with PIERCE and says he is "going to go f*ck himself, then".

Tyrant is packed with tons of energy, abrasive basslines and menacing autotuned vocals by MAGMAG. The track takes an unexpected turn when a screen of metal indicated that PIERCE's car has been attacked and he is abducted by his assailants with the faint scream of police sirens in the background. Stream it below!

This is quite a mysterious track and it grows deeper with every song to be taken from his FLESH EP.
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