Mad Hawkes Unveils New Single "FACE PNCH"

Mad Hawkes
Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Mad Hawkes has just unveiled her brand new single FACE PNCH, a cool piece of rock music with a gritty atmosphere. Loving the low-fi beats, awesome guitars and her powerful, attitude-packed, vocals soar over the groovy rock melody and driving bassline. FACE PNCH embraces the difficulty of navigating the path of adulthood and infusing it with rock spirit and pure honesty. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Hawkes said,
I love myself, say it every day. I hate myself, punch me in the face. At first I thought the lyric was a little silly, but I wasn’t able to get it out of my head so I just went with it. It was one of those songs where the words sort of flowed out effortlessly, probably because they were just so accurate to how I was feeling.
The single borrows emotions and situations universally felt and experienced by those in early adulthood, batting heartbreaks and expectations, and finding out what it means to be your own person.
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