JØUR Revises Her ‘American Nightmare’

JØUR Revises Her ‘American Nightmare’
Minneapolis-based alt-pop singer JØUR has teamed up with fellow Minnesotan, producer Lazerbeak, to remix her critically acclaimed single American Nightmare, taken from her new album, Chiaroscuro, out now. Hearing the original American Nightmare Lazerbeak was intrigued and agreed to collaborate on a remix, thus the newly remixed American Nightmare was born. Stream it below!

American Nightmare was originally written to expose JØUR’s uncertainty of the proverbial American Dream. JØUR said,
I originally wrote this song several years ago about blindly following the ‘American Dream’ of getting a job, moving to the suburbs, getting married, having kids, etc. .I felt at the time that my life was flying in the face of conventionality when I quit my 9-5 finance job to pursue art and music, and everyone was cautioning me about taking such a huge risk, when for me the biggest nightmare and risk would be to have that version of the American Dream.
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