Francois Klark Unveils Symphonic Adaptation of ‘Please Stay’

Francois Klark Unveils Symphonic Adaptation of ‘Please Stay’
South-Africa born, Canadian Singer-Songwriter and Producer Francois Klark has just unveiled a stirring symphonic adaptation of his single Please Stay. This is definitely a version packed with a lot of emotion and will sure pull on the heartstrings.

I am loving the melancholic piano that highlights his intimately beautiful vocal as it drifts like a distorted memory over serene strings. This version was arranged for orchestra by award-winning composer Kristjan Bergey. With this release, Klark invites choreographers, dancers, and videographers from around the world to film and create their own visual interpretations to 'Please Stay (Extended Orchestral Version)' for a chance to win a $1000 cash prize. Visit for information on how to enter.

Please Stay tells the all-consuming tragic tale of two longtime lovers forced into a long distance relationship which ultimately fails when one of the lovers no longer wants to fight for their love. As if with the sudden force of an immense wave, the full orchestra floods the arrangement with an almost hopeful swell only to abruptly abandon Klark, surrendering him to the depths of his loneliness.
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