Daikan Unveils New Single "Indigo"

Daikan Unveils New Single "Indigo"
R&B singer-songwriter Daikan has just unveiled his brand new single Indigo, taken from his latest album, October Child, out now. Indigo is quite a captivating piece of R&B music, on which his vocals easily switch from laid back to unrelenting and heart-wrenching. I really like how the hard hitting beats juxtapose the smooth instrumentals, making this an enthralling listening experience. Daikan brings a fresh and unique take on R&B by incorporating modern hiphop and trap elements into the raw emotion of his music and you can hear it in Indigo below!

​Speaking about the song Daikan said,
Indigo is about a once strong relationship growing broken beyond recognition. A toxic relationship where one person is pouring everything they have into the other person without reciprocation, eventually cutting them off entirely and moving forward. This track showcases many different elements and styles right out of the gate with a laid back flow, intense and colorful harmonies, and a belting and emotional chorus.

Born into a Cuban-Mexican family on the border of Mexico, Daikan knew early on that music was his passion. Playing piano as early as two years old, and picking up other musical instruments throughout his life. Considered the quiet, nerdy kid, he was a target of bullying and was often jumped through all of his childhood and schoolings. He turned to music to cope with the struggles of living in the harsh area of the Texas-Mexico border, where drugs and violence ran rampant and often began at early ages. Music kept him out of trouble and allowed him to hone his craft; eventually sculpting himself into the artist he is today.

While occasionally writing songs of love and having fun, Daikan doesn't shy away from darker subject matters such as his depression and suicidal thoughts, domestic abuse, and social anxiety. There's something for everyone to relate to in Daikan's music, it's just hidden in hard hitting beats and catchy vocal melodies.

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