Ray Volpe Unveils "All Emotion Allowed" EP

Ray Volpe Unveils "All Emotion Allowed" EP
21-year-old American DJProducer Ray Volpe has just unveiled his brand new EP, All Emotion Allowed. The two-track EP showcases his vulnerable side by dealing with the complex and often heart-wrenching facets of love.

Without You is a duet courtesy of Devin & Lydia whose soulful vocals convey the emotion of the lyrics perfectly over the intense electronic production. It's a song about a breakup where the guy is still in love with the girl but she doesn't feel the same.

On Worth A Try, featuring the lush vocals of Aviella, the story changes as it deals with the girl returning to fight for love. Both songs show a vulnerable side and are perfectly wrapped by atmospheric and futuristic melodies.

All Emotion Allowed will appeal not to just bass fans, but to anyone who appreciates experimental, groovy vibes and has ever experienced any form of heartbreak. Stream the EP below!

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