Gen Z Unveil New Single ‘Take It From Me’

Gen Z Unveil New Single ‘Take It From Me’
Time for some smooth, soulful music. Los Angeles-based trio Gen Z have just unveiled their brand new single Take It From Me, a song about unrequited love.

What got me hooked to this song was the impeccable (and inviting) guitar riffs and the song's introspective vibe. Take It From Me is one of those songs perfect to be played after a long day. Those lush vocals give the song so much soul and emotion and are perfectly backed by the guitars and somewhat bittersweet atmosphere.

I'm in love with the song's introspective lyrics which are quite captivating and hypnotising. The song gets me on a relaxed mood and I just start thiking about the little things in live and to cherish those moments. If you are into smooth, soulful music with great vocals and guitar works you'll love this one. Stream it below!

Based out of Los Angeles, Gen Z is a coming together of friends and musical collaborators Diego Briones, Nathan Reyes, and Josh Kindla. Their sound illuminates across the spectrum of musical influences from jazz and soft rock giants Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac to the funky fusions of Prince, D'Angelo, and even the Bee Gees. 
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  1. That's a great jam to surprise any R&B lady lover. Been looking for some new jams to surprise her with.